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Advice for Fellow Data and Analytics Lea

Data Reflections by Dr. Kirk Borne

Analytics Insights and Careers at the Speed of Data: The determination of winners and losers in the data analytics space is a much more dynamic proposition than it ever has been. One CIO said it this way . . . . .

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Western Digital® creates environments for data to thrive.

STELLAR Analytics for the Win - an A for Enterprise Analytics Mastery: STELLAR analytics can boost analytics performance from early-stage “sandbox” experiments to late-stage enterprise projects . . . . .

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The Knowledge Network for Government


Strategy, not Data, Defines the Winners: What does it take to win the data wars? How do you ensure you’re extracting true value from data to advance your organization?

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A Community for Big Data Practitioners

Smart Cities at the Nexus of Emerging Data Technologies and You: One of the most significant characteristics of the evolving digital age is the convergence of technologies. That includes information . . . . . 

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Blogs by Dr. Kirk Borne

Safe Driving in the Self-Driving Enterprise:

The explosion of interest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning has triggered the design and development of all sorts of autonomous systems, including . . . .

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Data Literacy thought leadership by Dr. Kirk Borne


Data Literacy - An Imperative for Success in Business: Data literacy in not a math skill, it is a life skill . . . . .

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Data Reflections by Dr. Kirk Borne


How We Teach The Leaders of Tomorrow To Be Curious, Ask Questions and Not Be Afraid To Fail Fast To Learn Fast: Your ultimate business goal is to build a data-fueled enterprise that delivers business value from data . . . . .

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Data Reflections by Dr. Kirk Borne

RPA and IPA - Their Similarities are Different, but Their Rapid Growth Trajectories are the Same: What are RPA and IPA? RPA is Robotic Process Automation, and IPA is Intelligent Process Automation. Sound similar? Yes, in fact, their differences are similar. . . . .

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